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Naga Padoha Writhing, Batak Land Shaking : A Batak Myth

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At Mei 10th 2011, Batak Land had been rocked by earthquake. Batak Land is around Toba Lake, North Sumatra, Indonesia. When it occurred, according to Habatakon Wisdom, it was shouted : “Suhul! Suhul! Suhul!” if it was an earthquake. Suhul means handle of machete. In Old Batak society belief, Naga Padoha (means Pedestal Dragon; Naga : dragon, Padoha : pedestal) still residing in the bowels of the earth.


The Mythology Behind The Earthquake

        Once upon a time, Mulajadi Nabolon, the creator of the universe and its contents that residing in Banua Ginjang (means Upper World; Banua : world, Ginjang : upper). So, he created the heaven seven levels which then as a residing place the human spirit based on his life on Banua Tonga (means Middle World; tonga : middle). The seventh heaven was the Mulajadi Nabolon’s throne with the other gods. Mulajadi Nabolon also created belangit like the sun, moon, and stars. The sun was mentioned as Mulajadi Nabolon’s child and was also called Angkalau when the eclipse occured.

        The Banua Ginjang residents were Leangleang mandi, Untunguntung Nabolon, Borongborong Badar, Lampulampu Nabolon, Debata Asiasi. Debata Asiasi (the Trinity) was Manuk Patiraja, Manuk Hulambujati, and Manuk Mandoangdoang, as a god that served Mulajadi Nabolon, responsibled for the universe and its contents.

        Debata Asiasi as Manuk Patiraja had three eggs that the magnitude of the size of a pitcher and unable incubated until she met Leangleangmandi that would convey the message to Mulajadi Nabolon. That message was conveyed Leangleangmandi to Mulajadi Nabolon that then utter through Leangleangmandi in order to Manuk Patiraja incubated her eggs and prepared eleven grains of rice to be eaten, every month one grain, while shifting the eggs position for one year. Manuk Patiraja executed that commands and on twelfth month, her beak itch then she pecked those eggs one by one. From first egg, Debata Bataraguru that will be a source of Immortality, Wisdom, Justice, Law kingdom, knowledge, master fate and destiny. From second egg, Debata Sori that will rule over mankind for greatness, majesty, and charisma. From third egg, Debata Mangabulan that gave the directionary, strength, and magic power. Three of these gods called Debata Natolu.

        Later, Debata Asiasi changed as Manuk Hulambujati. She also incubated three pieces of bamboo. Manuk Hulambujati produced three beautiful daughters from each bamboo. From first bamboo Siboru Portibulan, second bamboo Siboru Malimbim, and from third bamboo Siboru Anggarana.

        After three daughters were grown, Debata Asiasi wanted to get the couples for her daughters. Then she contacted Leangleangmandi to convey her petition to Mulajadi Nabolon that uttered three daughters to be Debata Natolu’s wives appropriate to sequence. Mulajadi Nabolon uttered to them that Debata Bataraguru and his offspring will authorize all Banua Ginjang mysteries, like wisdom and justice for all creatures. Then, Debata Sori was given the power in Banua Tonga, such as greatness, majesty, and charisma. Debata Mangalabulan and his offspring authorized Banua Toru with all mysteries, temptations, disasters as consequences for his creations.

        From Debata Bataraguru and Siboru Portibulan got two sons, Mulasonota, Mulasonati and two daughters, Siboru Sorbajati and Siboru Deakparujar. From Debata Sori and Siboru Malimbim got two sons, Sorimatinggi and Sorimatonga and two daughters Nan Bauraja and Narudang Ulubegu. While from Debata Mangalabulan and Siboru Anggarana got two sons, Raja Odapodap, Raja Padoha and two daughters, Siniangnaga and Leang Nagarusta.

        Debata Mangalabulan depressed due to his second son, named Odapodap, in tangible ‘ilik’, kind of big lizard, so he was always hidden and almost never out of his residence. Therefore, Debata Mangalabulan requested to Mulajadi Nabolon blessed to marry his son to one of his brother’s daughter Debata Bataraguru and that request was agreed. Debata Mangalabulan came to Debata Bataraguru asked his daughter Siboru Sorbajati to agree be engaged to Si Raja Odapodap. Siboru Sorbajati distressed, but she was not able to reject his father’s request. Her confusion made her decided to drop to Banua Tonga that at that time still shrouded by the sea and no place to stand.  

        Thus said the law should apply and should not be violated, Debata Bataraguru then asked his second daughter, Siboru Deakparujar to want to replace her sister in order to be engaged to Siraja Odapodap. Just like Siboru Sorbajati who could not resist his father’s request to replace her sister’s engagement, but Siboru Deakparujar is a little more devious than her sister. She approved the request and while asking for the requirement to Mulajadi Nabolon to provide a piece of cotton that will be weaved to make ulos (a type of shawl that was used in rituals).

        Then through Leangleangmandi, Mulajadi gave Siboru Deakparujar a piece of cotton and she started to spin the cotton into yarn would henceforth be made into ulos. She worked day and night for spinning yarn, but yarn was not also increase the number of. Siboru Deakparujar did it on purpose because in the afternoon the base yarn that has been rolling up a lot of yarn, at night insisted released again, so on the morning the base remained as it was.

        This maneuver was known by Mulajadi Nabolon. It was only to stall for time, so she wouldn’t be engaged to Siraja Odapodap. Then Mulajadi Nabolon with Leangleangmandi came to find Siboru Deakparujar to ask ulos that she weaved. When met Mulajadi Nabolon, Siboru Deakparujar shaking, so the yarn fell to a hole so deep that she couldn’t take it back. Siboru Deakparujar requested to Mulajadi Nabolon to be allowed to continue the spinning not from the beginning.

        Mulajadi Nabolon said : “Took ‘Tudutudu Tualang’ stick! Tied your end of the yarn and plugged the stick into the ground then pulled the yarn carefully!”  However more rolled over the base more fell deeper and finally pulled Siboru Deakparujar slipped fell and hung in the sky over the ocean, Banua Tonga. When hung on a yard over the ocean, she woke up and cried then called Leangleangmandi to convey the apology request to Mulajadi Nabolon to give a clod of earth to stand.

        That request was fulfilled by Mulajadi Nabolon and the land was handed over by Leleangmandi to her. So that’s where Siboru Deakparujar set foot on the ground and did activities that had been provided for her in Banua Tonga. While Mulajadi Nabolon sent Raja Padoha to the sea met Boru Sorbajati to marry with her and authorize Banua Toru. Then Raja Padoha was called Naga Padoha.

        After so long spinned, Siboru Deakparujar met Naga Padoha that greeted : “Hi, Siboru Deakparujar, why were you here? Leangleangmandi had repeatly picked you up from Banua Tonga.” Said Si Naga Padoha. “This work was the most necessary for me.” Said her as she continued to spin yarns be ulos. Then it became increasingly wide and getting wider so that it can be a place for free-standing in Banua Tonga. However the ground of ulos often collapsed because Naga Padoha often shaked its body. Naga Padoha was given the authorization from Banua Toru to warn people if they ignored the laws which had been decreed. 

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