"In a Revolution"

I Look There is A Hope Light in 2010

In My Life Stories on December 30, 2009 at 12:11 pm

“Do you know everyone? I recently walked with my creations into a dark way, where we looked there was a beam of white light in front of us. I know that it wasn’t a common light and I was certain sure that it was a beam of hope light in 2010.”

Imajinations of god

Just few days more we will leave 2009 and I think this is the right time to do reflections and introspections. Ok, let me tell the first part in a story!


“ Please help me! Somebody who is in outside there, please help me! Please give some of your time to free me.”

“ Hahaha.. Do you hope that there will be a person who helps you? Come on! It’s just a wasting hope for you.”



“Sigh! Fortunately, it’s only a dream.”  said her. Then, she wakes up from her bed and takes a bath. She will start her routines day again, but always with a big hope.


Yeah, a big hope.. A big hope to every people who is hoped can help her.


“ Hi, girl! How are you? What are you doing?” addressed a beautiful woman, smiling.

“ I’m fine sister! Oh, I’m reading this announcement.” said her, replied smiling.

“ Hmm..very nice person. I think she can help me.”



[ Few years more]

O, a rope, why do you always rope myself?

O, an emptiness room, why don’t you show myself a way to an exit gate?

O, myself, what a pity! However, don’t worry because you will free soon!


“ Hi, you, a monster of emptiness room, why do you hold me on this room so long? Listen to me! I will exit from this room and free soon forever because I have one nice person and I’m sure she can give the freedom for me.”

“ Hahaha.. Ok, let’s see if your nice person can help you!”


 “ Hi, girl what’s wrong with you? Please tell me what’s the problem.”

“ Listen myself! She said that she want to help me. She will free you.”



“ Myself, I have told her all about your problems and she was looked interesting heard my story. Imagine you will free with her help!”

“ Oh, I hope so girl! However I saw she didn’t put the interest on your story. I think she just pretended interest on your problems because she thinks by do it she can be liked by every people. So, I don’t want to hope so much.”

“ But she always gives me the solutions, myself.”

“ Yeah, I looked it. Sometimes she was seen give attention to your problems and after that she will tell every stories, every problems to all peoples. She will be happy, if she keeps getting the praise and will be proud because she always try to make the good impression, while the other will be told so bad by her. ”



Sister, actually I need your help to give the freedom to myself,

but now I don’t put my wish to you anymore, so do to all peoples

because the hopes to the others are causing a pain for me now.


Ok, that’s a short story which I make to express my sadness. Honestly, until this day I still feel sad, but I know I should get up, can’t keep on falling down. My friend ever said: “There’s no love. It’s just an important.” I don’t totally agree with him, but I admit one part of this statement that every people will help you, if she/he has an important with it.

So, I get the big lesson in 2009 that I shouldn’t hope getting help from the others so much. Only me that can help and care on myself. If I need the other’s help I keep asking, but without a hope. I will say: “thanks for your help” if I get the help, but if not I just say: “ok, it’s up to you. I know you don’t want to help me because you don’t have an important from that.”

It also be my principle when I pray to God. I still believe that God can help me and I still wish to get miracles from God, but I don’t make bold to put the wish so much.  Fortunately, I still get the opportunity to feel that miracle, it was the biggest miracle for me. I asked God with a vow and of course I will do it. Thanks God for that!

For my dreams in 2010, of course I want to pass and get the bachelor degree and then I will be a doctor. However I hope I can develop my blog to be a most believing source of knowledges (especially in medicine), but in an understanding easy way. Often I’m too busy with this blog and thanks for them who always advice me to focus on my lecture because I need the doctor title. I have a biggest dream to develop this blog be a research journal in the next years. I know it’s very difficult but I will keep trying until I get it. Firstly, I will try to study the everything about research methods because I know my knowledges about that is still poor and then in 2010 try to make a little research although probably is very disorganized, but it is named a learning, right?

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